Nurturing Safety and Inclusion:
A Holistic Approach for Employees with Differing Abilitiess

Date: 17.01.2024

At Bahisara, we firmly believe that the true strength of any thriving team lies in its diversity and inclusive culture. Today, we invite you to explore with us the importance of ensuring safety and protection for employees with differing abilities. Openness, attention, and proper practices can transform your organization into not just a workplace but a comfortable home for every member of your team.

Creating Infrastructure for All

Set Boundaries

At Bahisara, we actively implement infrastructure and technologies that ensure the safety of employees with differing abilities. This includes accessible facilities, supported technologies, and other innovative solutions that contribute to a comfortable work environment.

Inclusive Safety Training

Plan for Leisure

We place special emphasis on safety training, focusing on inclusivity. Adapted materials and teaching methods ensure effective information absorption, taking into account the individual needs of various employees.

Harmonizing Evacuation Plans

Stress Management Training

In our evacuation plans, we consider the diversity of employees' needs. Regular drills and individualized approaches to evacuation plans create a safe space for every employee, regardless of their abilities.

Psychological Safety

Enhancing Job Satisfaction

Our programs cover not only physical but also psychological safety. We strive to create an open and supportive work environment where every employee feels that their opinion matters and can seek support when needed.

Accessibility of Work Tools

Organize Your Workspace

A crucial step is ensuring the accessibility of work tools. We actively adapt workspaces and tools to meet the individual needs of employees with differing abilities.

Promoting an Inclusive Culture

Organize Your Workspace

Creating an inclusive safety culture begins with educating employees and leaders. At Bahisara, we encourage dialogue and knowledge-sharing to foster awareness and tolerance within the team.

Continuous Practice Updates

Organize Your Workspace

We closely monitor the latest trends in safety and adapt our practices to evolving technologies and best standards. This ensures the continuous effectiveness and modernity of our safety approaches for all our employees.